About Us

In 1972, a class was formed for the purpose of learning to tie fishing flies. Early instructors were Wally Langner and Harry Fischer. Since then, the classes evolved into a club that has grown to include much more than fly tying.

In 1975, during an outing of trout fishing at Rockbridge, Missouri, the idea of forming a club was proposed and the first official meeting was held in January, 1976. The original membership was 29, and the first officers were Byron Smith – President, Bill Potts – Vice President, Stanley Norris – Secretary, and Kenny Wiles – Treasurer.
From that modest beginning, Bella Vista Fly Tyers Club has grown to a membership in excess of 175 persons. Fly tying continues to be a prime function, with classes conducted by members from September through March each year. However, there is a large group within the Club who have never tied flies – possibly never will – but who enjoy the other aspects of the organization, such as numerous outings during the course of the year, and the camaraderie of the weekly meetings, which include special programs, guest speakers, and several community projects.

For more orientation on the Club, you are invited to peruse our archives, preserved in binders and featuring many past club activities. The Club offers a full line of tools and materials for tying flies.  There is much information on fishing spots and fishing laws,
Fly Tyers pay annual dues of $10, from which funds are spent occasionally on members, wives and guests. However, donations are frequently made to causes deemed appropriate, and Fly Tyers give of themselves generously in man hours for worthy projects.

If you like fishing, fish stories and conviviality, you’ll like Bella Vista’s most congenial club. Regular meetings are held on Thursday mornings, 10:00 AM, at Riordan Hall. Guests are always welcome.