Club News Releases

Bella Vista Fly Tyers Club Sponsors Fly Fishing Class

25 students attended a Basic Fly Fishing Course held on Saturday May 5 at Lake Avalon Park.  Each student participated in 2 hours of class instructions and up to 2 hours of fly casting technique instruction and practice.  The Class was led by Dave Barfield, along with Beth Armour, Ray Atkinson, Jack Price, Gary Rowland and Mark Wallace.

The Bella Vista Fly Tyers Club is a fishing, conservation, and service Club consisting of approximately 150 members.  This group of men and women share a common interest in fishing (both warm and cold water species) found in the local streams and lakes of Bella Vista.   The Club also promotes lake conservation, recreational activities, and conducts service projects throughout NW Arkansas.  

The Club meets every Thursday in Riordan Hall in Bella Vista, beginning at 9 am for a social hour followed by a meeting from 10 to11 am.

Preserving the Art of Fly Tying since 1975.